Body-To-Body Massage

Amy Pussy 18  staff - Lulu  Miki

This exotic experience contains lots of Tai experiences form where it originates. We have always built body to body massage experience that seeks to lift up your spirit and give you a soulful experience. Our spry young girls have built such a fantastic and beautiful body to body experience that is physically engaging as is emotionally indulgent. Its sensuality at its aspect exploring every facet of the soulful human experience and boiling it down into a sensual soulful moment. The sensual intensity, beatific power and vulnerability makes for such a demanding yet also very rewarding massage experience.

Depending on your fetish the girls will either use the oils, special aromas or soap on you before you start the body to body massage. It’s a tantalizing moment in which the girl’s presence is both intense yet sublime. It’s our solo journey aided by their expertly instincts and capacity for sensual bonding that goes beyond the physical.  The entire massage experience takes on a mystical-sensual experience with candles, aromas, selected fabrics and linens. Every aspect of the body to body massage is built into a seamless tapestry that reinforces each other in such erotic ways and means. The girl have managed to turn it into such powerful and amazing experience.

Given to really indulgent and intensive nature body to body massage would work well for just about any man. Few of us ever receive the kind of intense sensual love, the kind that body to body massage gives. Despite being primarily physical, this exotic experience pushes you to embrace the motional social, and mystical fca6tes of your sensual identity and sensuous experience. It releases in you the power to allow yourself to engage and even initiate lovely experiences within the massage experience. It’s the best way to deal with any sensuous hang-ups that you have.

Despite being a native Thai massage technique, ti has since then infused itself with Japanese, Indonesian and even westernized sensual experiences that have made it more soulful and experiential. In a sense body to body massage is acculturated to such an extent that it’s reliable to just about anyone despite their background and sensual experiences. We have also inundated it with our own little secrets and spicy skills that makes mastery very easy and much more exciting. Make no mistake, body to body massage is a journey of one person-you-experience through and by two people in such deep and meaningful ways.