The following are some comments and contributions from our clients.

This was what happened early spring last year when I just turned 40, I had everything a man could wish for in his life, I was married for 5 years to a good woman, I loved her very much, and we had a cute little girl. We used to travel a lot for business, and also had a cozy condo in Hong Kong. Even though I traveled across Asia and other places around the world, I never really felt the urge to go out with another girl.

It was the month of February, and I was in Hong Kong for few days, and for the first time I was travelling without my lovely wife. I don’t know why but I suddenly made a decision to order an outcall massage Hong Kong, more so because I was tired from a very long drive. They sent over a very young therapist in no time, her name was Kathie. Initially I went for a normal massage, but I was more curious to have body-to-body massage, and Kathie obliged! It’s a type of tantric massage Hong Kong, and it helps in healing your entire body, releases all the energy and removes the stress from your mind. While I was taking a massage from Kathie or talking to her my heart kept beating like crazy. I didn’t know if any girl could have caused my feelings to go wild after being with only one woman for the last 5, or if it was Kathie specifically.

After our massage got over it was already past midnight, she asked me if she could stay back at my condo for the night!, Kathie said I only have to pay for her another 2 hours of work, and not staying overnight with her. So, I stayed with her that night, and again the next night, and even the night after that. I have never had an experience like this, Kathie was able to give me so much love, and I’m not talking about anything erotic here. And this is where things started to get troublesome; these were the nights when I started falling deeply in love with Kathie. Kathie was still 19 at that time and was somewhat opposite to my wife. Kathie was very sweet, showed lots of drama, reacted aggressively at times – making me stressed!, she lived by every moment, made some crazy wishes, had silly ideas! But why do I love her, because she gave me so much love and was very lovable.

Over the next few days we saw each other on several of my business trips, I took her along with me. During the trips we had emotional discussions, sometime initiated by Kathie, sometimes initiated by me. But the major problem showed up, when she came to know that I was married. And all of a sudden, she decided to leave me, saying that if my wife came to know about her then she would divorce me and that my life would be ruined. I was heartbroken and did not know what to do!

Today, when I look back at that time, I still have regrets as to why she left me and that I could’ve had a good life with her.
Peter C.

Breath-taking treatment. delicious and succulent young fresh girl. Will surely use your service again next time around

Hi, Just wanted to drop you a line about the wonderful experience I received from your massage service. The masseuse were really bubbly young and cute. Janet and Kylie both were professional and kind with an enjoyable, friendly nature. They did their best to meet my requirements and were very accommodating. I have used your service before and enjoyed my time, but this time I was especially pleased with the service and good nature of the masseuse, so look forward to using you again. Regards,
Thomas (Sai Kung)

Thanks for your good selection and excellent service. I like your female Yennie’s therapist her service was really wonderful. I wish to have her again next time if i come to hk next year. Very good service. Well.done. Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android
Lopez from Minneapolis

Dear Melissa, I definitely enjoyed the sweetness of Noel last Saturday! I have had erotic massages before, but this was my first one in Hong Kong. Since it’s probably different in each country, I did not know exactly what to expect. I tried to inform myself online as much as possible but there is so many companies offering this it is hard to make the right choice. I am happy to say I think I made the right choice. Noel’s service was wonderful, she was not only attractive but also nice and funny. She really made me feel good. There’s a good chance I will book a massage with you again and I think I will ask for Noel then again. Kind regards
Norman Forster (alias)

Dear sirs, It was my first experience of a sensual naked massage and of the four- hand massage, by such young yet precocious, cute and pretty Asian girls. The experience was great. I will surely ask again for your therapists in the early future. Best regards
Thomas from Sydney

Sweet, cute chinese girls. Minna and Winky are really delicious masseuse that i would recommend. Massage skill rather rudimentary but understandable because of the young age. I will surely use them again next time when i am back to hong kong.
Frank Coate (alias)